4 Quick Tips to Leave Your Pet While Taking off on a Vacay

No doubt you need this vacation to recharge your batteries, but if you decide to leave your pet behind, make sure you have a proper plan. Remember that puppies are social creatures and need companionship to stay emotionally fulfilled. Remember how the puppy greets you on the days when you come back late from work?

Puppies generally have a sharp intuition, and they can easily sense when their human parents are gone for a long time. So, if you can’t take your pet along, ensure there is someone to fill your absence, take care of your pupper, and keep them happy and safe while you travel. Give the person important information like emergency contacts, your vet’s number, pet insurance details, and other crucial details.

Even if you have installed pet monitoring systems there is no substitute for human supervision. So, instruct the person who will be responsible for your puppy’s care during your time away to constantly watch their activities to avoid accidents, injuries, and other health emergencies. The best pet insurance helps manage such scenarios efficiently but should the person in charge of your pet give an easy way for such incidents to occur?

So, it’s important to choose the right person to care for  your pet in your absence. Reflect on this; however, read this article for some tips on keeping your pet safe at home and your trip worry-free.

1.Work on minimizing the anxiety

Don’t forget to leave your fur baby with comfort things like the shirt or blankets you usually use to ease their stress levels. Your furry precious finds these things smelling like you very comforting. Provide them with some chew toys and delectable treats that serve as sweet distractions. Also, work on mentally preparing your pup ahead of time so it stays with little anxiousness after you head for a vacation.

2.Entrust your puppy’s care to someone

It is best to leave your puppy with someone it already knows. This way the puppy might not panic much and needs only a little time to adjust to the person. For instance, consider asking for help from your trusted neighbors, family, or friends. Give them detailed instructions on your fur baby’s routine and a bag containing your four-pawed companion’s belongings, including bare essentials, medications, a first aid box, and a grooming kit. If none of your near and dear ones are available to take in your fur baby for a few days, consider hiring a pet sitter or leaving your pup at a boarding facility.

3.Update the details on your puppy’s ID

Touch wood! We would not want your puppy to escape in your absence. However, there is no harm in preparing for a worst-case scenario like a puppy running away or wandering off. So, be proactive and update the information on your furry friend’s ID and microchip just in case your pup meets ill fate.

4.Make it a short and sweet goodbye

If you linger on long goodbyes while parting, you will only make it harder for your pet to spend the next few days or weeks without you. Lower the separation anxiety for your pup, so they know you will be back soon and the vacation is temporary.

Check out these tips to bid a cheerful goodbye to your puppy. At the same time, let the person taking care of your pupper know you have pet insurance to tackle health emergencies. This way, the caretakers will not be hesitant to get your fur baby medical help in case of dire health situations. The best pet insurance can work in your puppy’s favor in times like these and many others. With these prior preparations, you can enjoy your vacation knowing your pet is well taken care of in your absence.

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