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After the 12th season, Bigg Boss is back with its thirteenth season. This time, the TRP of the show has shot up considerably than its previous seasons. The show is broadcast on two days every Saturday and Sunday on color’s Tv. This time, the show is airing for four months instead of three. If you are a fan of Bigg Boss and would like to watch its full episodes, then here are some things that you need to know:

In the next episode, Bigg Boss will ask the contestants to choose two people from the house. These two people are Vishal and Paras. The contestants should choose a person in their group who is loyal and will protect them from the other inmates. However, if a contestant is caught using their time to get out of the house, they will be disqualified.

On the tenth episode, Salman revealed that Asim was the captain of the house and was immune from nominations. However, this task was not carried out because of the contestants’ aggression. As a result, he removed Himanshi Khurana from the house, while Sidharth Shukla was nominated for two weeks due to physical violence. The captaincy was also awarded to Shefali J and Himanshi. However, Sidharth S was also nominated for two weeks, but he saved Madhurima.

Asim is confronted by Salman, who questioned his relationship with Himanshi. Asim tells Salman that he will solve the issue once he is out of the house. However, he also reveals that his girlfriend had an affair with him a year and a half ago. Salman is not pleased and asks him to tell Himanshi about it. Asim denies this, but tries to defend his actions by claiming that he had a girlfriend outside the show.

In the eleventh episode of the show, Paras Chhabra is the center of attention as the competition heats up. However, Shehnaz Kaur calls Mahira Sharma for being too attached to Paras. Then, things get heated between these two women. The women in the house get a juicy opportunity to have a bac.

Asim is also accused of cheating. Shehbaaz tells him that he is acting fake in front of Shehnaaz. Asim tries to explain his actions to Rashami, but she is not convinced. Shehbaaz asks Rashami to clarify the issue face to face. The next episode is titled The Last Housemate Show – Watch 125 Full Episodes Streaming Online

This episode is also the last one involving the two couples in the show. The final episode introduced a mysterious new character called Shin Soon Rok, which will become the new team leader. Sia also introduced a webtoon depicting the couple’s future marriage. Soon Rok seems to be a strict book editor, and Yumi will have to get used to her new boss.

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