double chance bet ting – Summary of knowledge you need to know

double chance bet  is receiving a lot of attention from gamers, this article from Cổng game New88 will provide all the information you need to know about how to play these games. This article helps players win when participating in betting on soccer matches.

What is a  double chance bet ?

Double Chance means double the chance, also known as double chance bet . This form of play was developed from European betting and is now popular all over the world. Instead of choosing one event to happen like a single bet, a double bet allows you to choose two events out of three.

In a match, a team’s result will be in one of three cases: win, draw or loss. So there are three betting options as follows:

  • Home team wins or Draw
  • Away team wins or Draw
  • Home or away team wins

Other single bets have a lower winning percentage than Double Chance. When you use double bets, we increase the probability of winning to more than 66%. This is a great opportunity for players to dominate, so this way of playing is very popular.

In which matches does  double chance bet  apply?

Double Chance Often applied in highly competitive football matches and the strength between two teams is almost equal. Nowadays Double Chance is popular on online betting floors, popular in Europe as well as Asian floors. In particular, you can join the New88 homepage at: Updating.

At major tournaments such as World Cup, Euro Cup, Premier League, La Liga, Bundesliga, Serie ADouble Chance are all used. This type of betting depends heavily on the time and specific situation of the match, as well as the player’s ability to evaluate and choose.

Advantages of  double chance bet s

Double Chance More and more popular among brothers around the world as well as at bookmaker NEW88 because of its safety. Here are the benefits it brings:

Increase your chances of winning

When you choose single bet, your chances of losing are very high. WithDouble Chance, you have two possibilities of winning so your chances of winning will increase. This is the reason why many experts have chosen this form when participating in betting on soccer matches.

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Reduce risk

If you use single bets, you will have a high risk of losing. If selectedDouble Chance Will reduce your risk by choosing to win or lose. Since you are betting on two possibilities of win or draw, your risk is therefore reduced.

The possibility of receiving rewards is increased

double chance bet  Have Billion The reward rate is lower than single bets. Although the single bet has a higher reward rate, the possibility of losing is higher. Double Chance increases your chances of receiving bonuses compared to winning or losing bets.

Easy win

This bet is safer to use than other betting methods because when using it, you can easily have an advantage, ensuring your money will bring higher profits. This is an important benefit for bettors, especially new players.

How to calculate  double chance bet s in football

CalculationDouble Chance Football betting is very simple but not everyone knows. Here are the details of these calculation steps:

Determine what is the double chance of the match

First, you need to determineDouble Chance of the match. You can choose to bet on the home team winning or drawing or the away team winning or drawing. Please refer to these home pageNEW88 for current odds.

The  double chance bet ting formula is being applied

The calculation formula being applied is as follows:

  • Home or away team wins and draws: Bet double chance bet  = Odds of home or away team winning + Odds of a draw
  • Home and away teams do not win: Bet double chance bet  = Odds of home team winning or drawing + Odds of away team winning or drawing

How to calculate winnings

After the bet results are availableDouble Chance, you can claim to be the winner. Now you can calculate your return by multiplying the bet amount by the odds and multiplying the result by the discount rate.


This article has shared useful information about double chance bet . Hopefully this article has helped you grasp useful betting information. Before placing your bet, find out information about the teams in the match. Wishing you have happy moments at NEW88 bookmaker.

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