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Eclectic interior is an artificial mixture of styles, subject to a general idea. Today’s popular direction is based on the competent selection of furniture, finishing, decor and giving meaning and order to the seemingly chaotic environment.

As an interior design, eclecticism is suitable for enthusiastic, versatile natures, lovers of travel and non-traditional solutions in the design of home space. Combination techniques feel good in private houses and apartments, restaurants and pubs.

General characteristics

Today, a design that cannot be attributed to any specific style is called eclectic . Does this mean that any chaotic collection of objects and finishes can be considered fashionable? No. Eclectic is one of the most difficult interior genres precisely because it requires a balance between smart combination and bad taste.

What a jumbled setting isn’t exactly is a collection of random things. The skill is to choose the right elements that complement each other and at the same time do not lose individuality. You can combine traditional classics, baroque, ethnic, modern, hi-tech. The question is how to do it.

  • To create modern eclecticism in interiors, designers use no more than three stylistics.

A single color scheme, texture or architectural solution acts as a unifying beginning. If there are more directions, it is easy to slip into chaos.

  • As a base, it is better to take a neutral theme: Scandinavian, minimalism, neoclassical.

They are good at striving for free light space. Such a basis is easier to saturate with bright objects and fill it with dynamics. In the traditional version, the classics are the basis, which can be combined with baroque, gothic, rococo, colonial and ethnic elements.

  • Light calm tones (white, beige, gray) as a background for colorful accents are a way to avoid color anarchy in the design.

In terms of the combinations themselves, you can safely violate stereotypes, more about the palette below.

  • One of the signs of eclecticism in design is contrasts .

You can, of course, mix similar topics, but the effect of contrasting combinations is much more interesting. For example, a quaint antique table and a modern chair with colorful upholstery make an excellent pair. If the silhouette is similar (for example, two armchairs), you can play on the difference in their style.

  • Another recognizable feature is the abundance of objects and decor.

Such an environment is always filled with many textile accessories (pillows, curtains, napkins), the walls are hung with paintings, photographs, and mirrors. Unusual textures and ornaments dominate.

Features of eclecticism in the interior

There are characteristic techniques for creating a design in a mixed image.

Selection of furniture

Vintage items are welcome: restored chairs, dressing tables, showcases. Sofas and armchairs of modern silhouettes and colors will make a profitable contrasting addition to them. Furniture made of different materials (wood, glass, metal) and historical eras will look harmonious if they are selected based on the unity of color, ornaments or decorative elements.


The design of the house in the style of eclecticism implies careful work with dimensions. To give the scene an interesting depth, you need to place large objects in the background, and smaller objects in the foreground.

Color scheme

Color is one of the main ways to logically combine a disparate environment. The palette depends on individual preferences, you can use almost any colors – pastel and bright. It is better not to combine more than five colors so as not to drown in motley.

Background surfaces (walls, ceiling, floor, iron works sacramento) should not compete with objects for the attention of the viewer. Their task is to emphasize and shade beautifully. Therefore, you should choose neutral, unobtrusive shades for the background.

Eclectic interior styling is successful experiments with form and color. If the neutral background seems too simple, you can always add expressiveness: throw a bright carpet on the floor, hang many pictures on the wall, decorate the windows with colorful curtains. All these parts are easily replaceable.

One wall in the room can be decorated in contrast. And textiles in shades of the same color will neatly bring the interior composition together.


Repetitive images set the rhythm of the space. You can achieve the effect in two ways:

  •  choose one form and implement it everywhere (example: round sofa cushions, picture frames, mirrors, round chandelier, round coffee table);
  • choose one bright shade and multiply it (example: the color of a large object – a sofa or an armchair – repeat in an abstract painting, flowerpot, pillow, curtains, carpet).

We are talking about textural diversity, which is simply necessary for the interior of a house in the genre of eclecticism. The following methods will help to implement it:

  •  use relief fabrics with a convex weave of threads, a combination of different materials in one room (wood, metal, plastic);
  •  throw pillows of different sizes and colors on the sofa, and place a pair of wooden chairs and a plastic chair nearby;
  •  put a soft ottoman to a glass table on metal legs;
  •  hang an ultra-modern poster next to a classic landscape;
  •  combine smooth silk and coarse burlap in textiles.

Details and decor

They are selected according to two principles: similarity with the main decoration of the room (then you need a repetition of textures, patterns, palette) or, on the contrary, contrast. The second option is characteristic of the eclectic style in the apartment with an emphasis on accessories.

Examples of point solutions :

  •  a vintage chandelier plus a high-tech metal lamp;
  •  a woolen fluffy blanket on the sofa plus a chrome table lamp;
  •  gilded frame of the mirror on the background of rough brickwork;
  •  an armchair with fluffy upholstery and a leather pouf.

When decorating window openings, you can give preference to beautiful heavy curtains with classic hooks and brushes.

Wall and ceiling decoration

To embody eclecticism in the design of the apartment , completely different finishing materials and methods are suitable for the walls:

  • – decorative plaster;
  • – ceramic tiles (usually with patterns);
  • – wallpaper (here, too, you can combine – paper, fabric, metallic);
  • – painting;
  • – brick;
  • – wooden panels;
  • – graffiti.

The design of the ceiling depends on the themes that are mixed. When one of them is classic or baroque, then stucco and gilded decorations are allowed. When the loft is combined, wooden beams on the ceiling or hanging metal structures are appropriate.

The interior of the living room in an eclectic style

What directions can be combined in the main room of the house:

  •  pompous baroque and elegant classics;
  •  ascetic loft and loud pop art;
  •  cozy boho and cold hi-tech.

The mood of the room is set by the shape and fabric of the upholstered furniture. The sofa and armchairs are central elements. Leather or velvet upholstery will be very comfortable. The remaining items of furniture should be chosen based on the principle of scale, which we talked about above.

The mixed style is good because you can implement eclecticism in the design of the living room without expensive investments. Budget options for furniture and decoration are quite suitable. The main thing is to create an attractive, unusual environment.

Eclectic in the design of the kitchen

Here you can comfortably combine a classic set and tiles with an ethnic ornament, elegant French Provence and a massive wooden dining table.

The tile is beautiful and practical – it is well suited for finishing the floor in the work area. In the dining area, warmer options will look better: parquet, laminate, cork wood.

Textiles in the kitchen in a mixed design should be easy to care for – made of cotton, linen, eco-leather. Keeping such surfaces clean is easy.

Modern eclectic interior in the bedroom

The main task is to maintain the concept of mixed stylistics , at the same time not to overload the environment with details, otherwise it will not be possible to relax before going to bed here.

Combined design options :

  •  a metal bed as an element of high-tech or minimalism plus cozy and warm ethnic items (pillows, bedspreads, capes) or noticeable sunny accents of pop art;
  •  modern mirrored walls or ceiling plus a vintage bed with a velvet headboard;
  •  an abstract patterned rug, lacquered cabinetry plus traditional crystal light fixtures.

Many photos and paintings, concentrated on the wall behind the head of the bed, will help to realize the eclectic style in the design of the bedroom. They will bring visual variety, but due to concentration in no place will not irritate the eyes.


Eclectic as a style of interior design is experiments with form, color, mood, which means a certain risk, which ultimately turns into the creation of a unique living space.

The secret of its popularity lies in human psychology. You don’t have to give up your favorite things just because they don’t fit into some chosen theme. By combining elements of several design directions, you can get a completely individual environment, adjusted to the preferences of a specific person.

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