HealthTap Primary Care Network

HealthTap is a nationwide Primary care network that offers affordable, on-demand virtual healthcare. Its proprietary patient-doctor matching technology manages demand in real time and at scale.

Membership to this plan offers free texting with your doctor, $39 video appointments, and 24/7 urgent care with the first clinic doctor available. Plus, it has access to over 95,000 US-licensed doctors across 147 specialties.


HealthTap Primary care network offers 24/7 access to Urgent Care and on-going Primary Care through its proprietary patient-doctor matching technology. Members pay a $15 monthly subscription fee for unlimited appointments with more than 90,000 U.S.-based board-certified doctors who undergo an extensive credentialing process.

At a HealthTap visit, doctors can provide medication and order lab tests. They may also make referrals to additional specialists.

Prescriptions on the platform are cheaper than what you might spend in person at the pharmacy, thanks to ScriptHero’s program which lets users compare prices, choose a convenient pharmacy and receive a coupon.

Patients can opt for either the Prime plan or Basic plan on a pay-per-visit basis. The Prime plan offers discounts on all visits and may be worth the additional subscription cost for those whose insurance plans cover telemedicine visits.


HealthTap Primary care network allows members to have one doctor for all their healthcare needs, plus text with them for questions and follow-ups – all from the convenience of home or office.

The service is currently available in seven states and soon to expand nationwide. Members can book appointments online.

HealthTap has also joined forces with ScriptHero, a discount pharmacy network, to provide on-demand virtual care services and help members save money on their prescriptions. On average, customers enjoy 74% savings on common medications through this partnership.

HealthTap is an intuitive virtual healthcare platform that provides affordable and on-demand health care to people of all ages from anywhere. It leverages proprietary technology to connect patients with U.S. board-certified doctors in real time for Urgent Care or ongoing Primary Care needs.


HealthTap Primary care network offers live consultations with doctors through mobile device, so those without insurance can get the medical help they need. Patients also get access to a range of tools and information related to healthcare such as treatment plans and prescriptions.

In the United States, this service is accessible to everyone and uses proprietary technology similar to ride-sharing or delivery companies to match doctors with patients in real time. Its network of 90,000 board-certified doctors has been carefully screened and credentialed.

Prime membership plans from the company offer primary care visits for $39 each (with your insurance copay) and urgent care visits for $59 each. You also get free texting with your doctor and access to a Personal Care Doctor of your choosing for ongoing health maintenance.


HealthTap Primary care network offers affordable primary and urgent care appointments with US-based doctors at no extra cost, making this service ideal for those without insurance or who lack access to quality healthcare in their area.

Customers can arrange a virtual consultation on any device, and choose to connect via live video or text. They also have the option to submit written questions directly to their doctor for review.

Patients can get informed answers to their health queries from an expansive community of 90,000 U.S.-based doctors across 147 specialties.

The company’s app is free to download and it accepts most major medical insurance plans. The Basic plan costs $15 a month, while the Prime plan offers 24/7 urgent care appointments at $39 and $49 per visit (plus any insurance copay) for just $49 each time.

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