HI88 Reseller – Easy Sign Up, Get Huge Commissions

HI88 dealer is known as one of the units with the highest commission in the market today. In addition to playing games to earn bonuses, bettors can completely increase their “profit” by registering to become a dealer. Let’s find out in detail how to be an agent for this leading Asian playground.

Overview of HI88 dealer

HI88 is a name that is no longer too strange for today’s online entertainment enthusiasts. Simply put, an agent is a mutually beneficial relationship between the player and the house. Accordingly, the house will have more new members and players will earn huge profits if they introduce users to join.

Overview of HI88 dealer

When the new user successfully registers and deposits money into the betting account at Nhà cái Hi88, you will receive the corresponding commission. The higher the number of new members registered through the HI88 dealer referral link, the greater the profit.

The agent policy not only gives players attractive bonuses but also helps the HI88 brand to be known more widely. This way will help the bookie assert its brand, position in the market and spread its influence around the world.

Reasons to be a HI88 dealer

Getting rich is not difficult, becoming a HI88 dealer will bring players a huge source of passive income. This is like a way to “make money while sleeping” without losing any capital. Let’s find out why nhacis attracts so many players to sign up as an agent.

HI88 Reseller Easy Sign Up Get Huge Commissions1

Reasons to be a HI88 dealer

Attractive discount

When you sign up to doagent HI88, You have the opportunity to receive an attractive discount up to 60%. The commission players receive will be based on the number of new users you refer. Accordingly, the more players a player introduces, the higher the commission they will receive. After reaching the limit set by the house, you can withdraw the bonus to use.

Make money with 0d capital

Becoming a dealer of HI88 is not difficult, especially if you do not have to pay any costs. Players only need to register an account, then promote to the market and invite more players to participate, the more commissions.

Hot deals

Not only participating in betting, you also have the opportunity to receive rewards from promotions when you are a HI88 agent. The house will automatically and quickly notify you via Email or the earliest contact channels.

24/7 support team

In the process of participating as a dealer agent, you will be supported by the customer service department in detail from A – Z. The house will have a detailed roadmap from the development plan, how to advertise to be able to attract real Many people join through my referral link.

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Passive source of income

When working as a dealer of HI88, you can be proactive in terms of time and place of work. With just a computer or phone with an internet connection, you can make a lot of money from the dealer’s policy.

How to register to become a Hi88 dealer

Registering as an agent of the Hi88 bookie is not difficult, you just need to follow the following instructions:

HI88 Reseller Easy Sign Up Get Huge Commissions2

How to register to become a Hi88 dealer

Step 1: Access the correct link to the bookie

Player tClick on the official link of the HI88 bookie to experience safe services and avoid being scammed by bad actors. Here, click on the item Register for a member account and select Register as an agent.

Step 2: Fill in the information to be a HI88 agent as required

After selecting the item to register as an agent, an information window will appear. You need to fill in correctly According to the request form of the house, including:

  • Username: At least 5 characters and write immediately without accents.
  • Phone number: Enter the correct phone number that you are using for the most convenient process of account verification and payment.
  • Password: Minimum 6 characters including special characters, uppercase, lowercase letters and numbers.
  • Referral code: Leave blank or enter the code provided by the dealer.
  • HI88 dealer name: Choose a name according to personal preferences.
  • HI88 account name: The betting account the player is using, if any

Step 3: Done

After filling in the required information, click Sign Up Now to complete.Players have to wait 1-3 days for the dealer to confirm the information. If eligible to participate, HI88 will respond to the information via the email you provided earlier.

Above is all the important information for those who want to register to become HI88 dealer. Hope you guys make a lot of money when you register as an agent of the HI88 house!

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