Juliana Carlos Wedding Photos and Videos

If you love fashion and the latest trends, you’ll definitely want to see Juliana Carlos’ latest fashion videos and pictures. This beauty is no stranger to the limelight and has starred in campaigns for several top brands, including Dior and Channel. In fact, her career has been so successful that she’s poised to join her husband, Chris, in the millionaire club. Chris is a businessman who runs the Republic National Distributing Company, which is known for being the leading brand of premium wines in the United States. He has also served on several boards, including the March of Dimes and several hospitals.

Before the incident with LeBron James, Juliana Carlos had an already-established career as a model. However, she became a celebrity following the fight with the basketball star. However, the controversy sparked by the incident is still fresh. Before the fight, Juliana Carlos was a well-known model who had a hefty net worth. Her husband has since been excluded from the NBA game because of her scandal. Juliana Carlos’ photos and videos can be found online, where she is frequently featured as a fashion influencer.

Since the scandal broke, Juliana Carlos has accumulated thousands of social media followers. Her Instagram account had just over 25,000 followers a day earlier and has now grown to 83,200. In the midst of this, she has taken her Instagram account private, and her husband Chris Carlos has since changed the account’s privacy settings to prevent unwanted attention. Fans have commented on her posts and went through her older ones. Many of them have called her out for threatening LeBron James.

The NBA has not banned the two celebrities from the league. The couple may not have the same rules, but the relationship between Carlos and James has spawned controversy. Her mother accused her of “f&cking” James and called her “Courtside Karen” in a late-night tweet. Fans of James also attacked the beauty of her daughter. Despite the sex controversy, the actress has undergone plastic surgery to enhance her looks.

Chris and Juliana Carlos have a long history of being close, which is also evident in their Instagram accounts. Chris and Juliana have even posed in their favorite Atlanta Hawks arena. Their courtside tickets allow them to attend most games. But after a few incidents, Chris and Juliana Carlos went private. However, despite the controversy that surrounded the couple, they still posted pictures of themselves together in their favorite arenas.

Juliana Carlos has since apologized for her part in the LeBron James-Cristian Bryant spat. She has also apologized for calling LeBron James a clout-hunter and received harsh comments on her appearance and husband. She also apologized on Instagram for her actions. This has caused the NBA to investigate the issue. But a full apology has yet to be given to the NBA.

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