Learn About The Most Accurate And Correct Soccer Betting Rules

When participating in betting, players not only know how to play. You also need to understand the rules of football betting. So what is football betting? What is the football betting law in Vietnam? Let’s keep watching with nhà cái 789BET

1. What is football betting?

Football betting is simply understood as a form of players placing bets with the house. Or it can also be understood that players use their money to bet on an ongoing or upcoming match. If the bet is correct, the player will receive a bonus of both principal and interest. Otherwise, if you lose, your original bet will be forfeited.

The rules of football betting are also very simple. However, the gameplay is extremely diverse and rich. Therefore, players must learn about how to play football betting carefully to understand better. Regarding football betting rules, please continue to refer to the article of 789BET sports!

2.Football betting law in Vietnam

Currently, each different bookmaker will have different football betting rules. This is to ensure the interests of the players. To be able to play football betting safely. Players need to understand the allowed football betting laws in Vietnam. Specifically:

2.1 House responsibilities

The dealer must be responsible for providing information. About the test venue, match report, competition posture and time period… Because, when providing enough information, new players can capture and update information conveniently. From there, understand the information more accurately.

If a match is postponed or stopped for more than 12 hours. This means that the match will be disabled. From there, the bookie must be responsible for making payment decisions for previous bets. According to football betting rules, players will be allowed to bet until the last minute of the official competition. For overtime, it will be decided by the house.

For match scores and related reports. The dealer must update continuously from the beginning to the end. If the bookie allows the player to bet directly, it means that the bet ticket will be canceled automatically when the match ends.

2.2 Football betting rules for players

For players, according to the law on football betting, players must have a lot of papers. Because to prove your legal rights at the start of the match. Players must be at least 21 years old when participating in football betting. In particular, must have full civil act capacity in accordance with the provisions of Vietnamese law.

In addition, players are required to pay taxes according to Vietnamese law. At the same time, players must also follow the football betting rules in Vietnam. The player also has the right to withdraw the full amount if the house’s conditions are met. Please note that the maximum bet amount is 1 million VND/day (for 1 player). Minimum of 10 thousand dong.

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3.Some other football betting rules

Football betting is one of the most loved and chosen games by many people. When it comes to football betting, gamers in the betting village will surely understand this game very well.

3.1 Law of betting on football over and under

Over and under is also one of the forms of betting often used in online football betting. According to the football betting rules, waiting tickets will be officially canceled by the house when the match has a goal. Or in the case of a broken free kick. At that time, pending bets will be considered by the bookie in a safe circle.

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3.2 Football betting rules if the result is canceled

For online football betting, there are many different ways to bet. For example, betting on the 1st half, 2nd half or the whole match…For the 1st half bet, the bookie will only calculate the bet on the outcome of the match at that match. If the 1st half match result is abandoned then all related bets will also be void. If the result is abandoned in the 2nd half, then 1st half bets will still be settled.

3.3 Laws of football betting in the betting period

According to normal football betting rules, players are allowed to place bets for the duration of the match. However, each house has different rules. Players need to carefully learn the house’s football betting rules before placing a bet.

When the referee blows his whistle to announce the end of the match, most pending tickets will be automatically denied. All the following bets will not be confirmed by the bookie. For the result of the game in extra time, the bookie will not accept it for inclusion in the football bet. Except for a few rare cases.

Learn About The Most Accurate And Correct Soccer Betting Rules

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