Things You Should Know When Painting James Hardie Siding

The reasons for painting James Hardie siding can be different. Some people would like to change the color while others are interested in creating a prettier look. In this article, we are going to give you a few tips regarding what you ought to be aware of before you get to do such stuff or will order the services of real professionals.

Picking the Best Paint for Your James Hardie Siding

This is a matter that plays an extremely important role in the whole process. Here is what you should consider: choosing the right kind of paint is linked to how much siding is going to last without fading. And we bet that you want this period to be as long as possible!

The proper paint is able to add a great look to your siding for about twenty years. Normally, the best one is 100% acrylic or acrylic latex. However, in every case, you’d better consult the specialist.

As for the name of the paint for your brand-new James Hardie siding, you may pick Benjamin Moore Regal Select or Sherwin Williams Emerald.

The Actual Tips You Ought to Stick to When Painting James Hardie Siding

It is always great to receive a fine piece of advice before you start to do something. Follow the list below to learn how to paint your James Hardie siding to face the best results possible:

  • Get rid of the mildew and dirt. It is not easy to proceed with this without using extra stuff. One of the most amazing options is applying a cleaning solution that consists of water and bleach. This has to be done two or three days before you plan to paint your siding;
  • There is no need to prime this kind of siding. The matter is that James Hardie siding comes pre-primed;
  • Use acrylic caulk to seal cracks;
  • When you plan how much pain to get, expect that you will stick to two coats of paint.

At the same time, note that in most cases it is going to be more advisable to ask for the services of professionals to deal with your Bay Area siding or siding of your home located in some other place.

Some Vital Aspects About Painting James Hardie Siding

First of all, we cannot but mention the matter of warranty. A lot of people wonder whether re-painting is going to affect their warranty or not.

So, here is what has to be taken into account. Once you make a decision to proceed with repainting James Hardie ColorPlus siding, it will lead to voiding the warranty. But there are no reasons to worry and get disappointed about this! This refers just to a 15-year ColorPlus warranty and is not linked to the James Hardie material warranty.

However, it is essential to select a paint that meets James Hardie recommendations though. There is also an opportunity to receive warranty coverage from a contractor who will deal with your James Hardie siding in Kansas City for instance (it is going to be possible if you select the right kind of paint).

Here is the main positive aspect that has to be outlined when speaking of repainting your James Hardie siding: your home will look fresh and awesome for another 10-15 years for sure! At the same time, this will be real only in case you stick to the services of experienced specialists who know how to do their thing.

And, if you make a decision to alter the color in the future, it is going to be easier than you can expect it to be. At least, the process will be simpler than compared with the wood siding.

As for the negatives of dealing with James Hardie siding, it is rather hard to find them. One of the difficulties the homeowners can face is as follows: if they would like to pick a color matching their old wood siding, it might be tricky. But there is nothing insurmountable especially if you deal with the experts!

What plans do you have today regarding painting your James Hardie siding?

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