Updated 80 Colors of Rooster Stones According to New Feng Shui 2024

80 colors of cock fighting – a particularly important concept for the current fighting cockfighting community today. This concept is not only a part of tradition but is also considered a deciding factor, helping bettors make smarter and more strategic choices in placing their trust in their cocks. Together Trang Chủ 789BET Learn about this concept along with important factors to see the fighting cock network!

What do the 80 fighting cock colors mean?

“80 colors of fighting chicken”is understood as determining the destiny of a fighting cock based on color and feng shui elements. Specifically, it involves classifying and identifying fighting cocks according to the Metal, Wood, Water, Fire, and Earth elements in the five elements theory.

Each of these destiny has its own unique characteristics and has a mutual and incompatible relationship with each other. Choosing fighting cocks according to destiny, color and feng shui elements helps players find the most suitable opponent, thereby increasing their chances of winning matches.

How accurate is the synthesis of 80 cock fighting colors?

About the accuracy of the method “80 colors of cock fighting”, depends on many factors such as the player’s experience, understanding of feng shui and the five elements, as well as the ability to observe and analyze.

Although it cannot guarantee an absolute winning rate, applying this method is considered a smart and strategic approach, helping bettors optimize their chances in each battle.

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3 ways to choose the 80 most popular fighting cock colors today

Players today often apply many different methods to choose the color of their cocks to increase their chances of winning and bring luck in matches. Most popular:

Choose network color according to the five elements

When considering the five elements and feng shui, choosing a fighting cock’s life based on the theory of the five elements and feng shui is a decision based on five basic elements: Metal, Wood, Water, Fire, and Earth. These factors, according to traditional concepts, all have a mutually reinforcing and mutually incompatible relationship. Depending on destiny and these attributes, players will choose the most suitable color for their fighting cock, hoping to overcome and overwhelm their opponents.

80 fighting cock colors based on the 12 zodiac animals

Choosing the color of a fighting cock’s life based on the 12 zodiac animals is becoming increasingly popular. According to folk beliefs, the 12 zodiac animals are not simply mascots in Asian culture but also have profound meanings, representing the unique strength and will of each animal.

Specifically, the network colors are selected for each day in the 12-zodiac cycle as follows:

  • Rat: Priority should be given to choosing brown or blue-colored animals.
  • Ox: Suitable for purple or cashew chicken.
  • Tiger: Gray millet is a good choice.
  • Crown: You should choose the crown color.
  • Thin: Banana chicken is a suitable choice.
  • Snake: Five-colored chickens or cashew-colored chickens are popular.
  • Horse: You should choose an umbrella or gray color.
  • Mui: The blue one is the optimal choice.
  • Body: Brocade chicken stands out as an attractive choice.
  • Rooster: The popular Ocho.
  • Dog: Banana-colored chickens or black chickens are good choices.
  • Pig: You should choose a green chicken or a cotton chicken

Based on the lunar day factor

Specifically, we can consider some examples of choosing the color of the rooster’s web based on the lunar day:

  • On the days of Giap Ty and At Suu, belonging to the Metal element, cocks with swallow or butterfly colors are good choices. On the contrary, purple cashews should not participate in combat on these days.
  • On the days of Binh Dan and Dinh Mao, belonging to the Fire element, the purple bird should be chosen to fight, while the white swallow should be kept at home.
  • For the days of Mau Thin and Ky Ty, belonging to the Wood element, the swallow chicken is encouraged to participate in fighting, while the rooster should stay at home.
  • On the days of Canh Ngo and Tan Mui, belonging to the Earth element, the gray rooster should be chosen to go into battle, while the black rooster should be allowed to rest.
  • Finally, on the days of the Rat and Dinh Suu, belonging to the Water element, the brown rooster is a good choice for fighting, while the purple rooster should be kept at home to rest.

Through this, we see that choose 80 colors of cock fighting based on the lunar date is not only a tradition but also reflects a deep belief in destiny and feng shui elements in local culture.


So, through this article, we have learned together about the latest updates related to 80 colors of cock fighting according to feng shui. Hopefully, this information will be useful for those who love and follow the art of raising fighting chickens.

Combine traditional knowledge and a modern approach in choosing the best fighting cocks, opening up new opportunities for players!

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