What is the Full Form of INC in India?

What is the full form of INC in India? In 1885, the INC was formed under the leadership of Womesh Chandra Bonerjee. The party was in power for three terms – from 1947 to 1977, and again from 1999 to 1996. It won the last general election, in 2004, and is now the most dominant political party in the country. Currently, there are 145 INC members in the 14th Lok Sabha, the largest number of any party in the house. The INC is the leading party in the ruling coalition, a coalition that includes the Left Front, the Hindu National Congress and the United Progressive Alliance. Historically, the INC has been associated with nationalism, cultural identity, and women’s rights. While the INC has tended towards socialist principles, it has had electoral success in many Indian states and even dominated state governments during the first 20 years after

The LAI was an organization that took advantage of the Labour Party’s lack of commitment to the anti-imperialist cause by providing a practical alternative to socialist rhetoric. The organization claimed that the problems faced by the English economy were directly related to the Empire and capitalist investment. The British section was the most active and especially active in the India operations, with streams of petitions, articles, and demonstrations. An October 1928 meeting was a protest against Labour Party participation in the Simon Commission. In addition to Maulana Mohammed Ali, Tarini Sinha, and Sarojini Naidu attended.

INC is one of the two main political parties in India. It emerged as a catch-all party during the Independence Movement. In fact, its popularity soared when Jawaharlal Nehru established the Planning Commission and the Five-Year Plans. Nehru’s governing legacy lasted until the late 1970s. Its members included millions of Indians. Its role in the Independence Movement is well documented, and its role in the development of the nation was profound.

Indira Gandhi was elected president of the INC in 1977. Her leadership criticized her as president, and most party leaders challenged her. This led to a split in the party, and Indira Gandhi launched a separate INC. The new INC was initially known as the Congress (R) in the beginning. The other party, led by Kamaraj, was known as the Indian National Congress (O).

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